About TempSure Medical

The FDA has approved the TempSure Surgical RF technology. The device, created by Cynosure, helps medical-spa professionals perform both surgical and non-surgical treatments. TempSure Surgical RF is used for plastic surgery, dermatology, gynecology, and ophthalmology.

The RF technology uses a 300-watt and 4-MHz radio-frequency system, which allows for shorter recovery periods. The benefits of TempSure surgical RF technology produces a finer incision with less bleeding for faster healing and less scaring. This is especially helpful in cosmetic surgery around the eyes. This is a fantastic platform for eyelid surgery, Dr Fox would be happy to discuss cosmetic eyelid surgery and the benefits of this new technology.

The Benefits

  • Precise incisions in very thin, delicate tissues (e.g. eyelid skin, earlobe, labia, etc.)
  • Excellent cosmetic results with minimal scar tissue
  • Faster recovery and decreased post-operative pain
  • Ability to cut and coagulate tissue at the same time

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