Family Medical Eye Specialities

Family Medical Eye Center is recognized as the premier private Ophthalmology group in Shasta County, with years of excellence and a commitment to customer service. Doctor Robert Fox, our Redding eye doctor, is a board certified doctor of Ophthalmology specializing in all major eye issues including cataracts, diabetic exams and pediatric problems. We use only the cutting edge in health technology in order to bring you the highest quality vision care and eye surgery.

Family Medical Eye Center is the destination of choice both for Redding locals and non-residents as we offer comprehensive eye care and unrivaled customer service. Patients no longer need to be referred to an out of town doctor for their specialized vision problems or eye surgery needs. We have an experienced Ophthalmologist right here in Redding.

Not only can we address any medical or surgical eye problem you may have, but our in-office optical shop can fulfill all your eyeglass and contact lens needs. This means care can be customized specifically for you and offers you the convenience of “one-stop shopping”. Need to see an optician, an optometrist, or an ophthalmologist? Need complex eye surgery or just a simple eye exam? No matter what kind of eye doctor or vision service you’re looking for, we can help you. We are committed to providing timely and reliable service and will always work with our patients to ensure that scheduled vision appointments are mutually beneficial.