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Blepharitis: can be an acute or chronic condition affecting the eyelid margins. If the normal oil glands become clogged or functions poorly the oil backup will irritate of the lid margin. The irritated margin becomes inflamed and can become infected. If you have trouble with red irritated eyelids the initial approach is to improve oil [...]

2020-05-26T16:48:14-07:00May 9th, 2020|Blepharitis|

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts: Cataracts are a common aging change to the eye’s natural lens. As we age, protein is deposited in the lens making it progressively opaque. This process takes years before symptoms develop; symptomatic cataracts are most common after the age of 65. As the lens ages it becomes discolored and cloudy resulting in dim, hazy [...]

2020-05-09T12:40:49-07:00May 9th, 2020|Cataracts, Surgery|

Covid-19 vs. Eye Irritation

As we are all acutely aware the Corona virus has made a huge impact in our lives. Our community of doctors and health care professionals are amassing data on Covid-19 infection and treatment strategies. The most common symptoms of Covid-19 infection include: cough , shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, loss of smell/taste, headache [...]

2020-05-09T12:43:25-07:00May 9th, 2020|Covid-19, Eyes|
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